Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What's up?

Hi, I'm Scott.

I decided the other day that I was finally gonna break down and start a blog. Sometimes I need to rant, and other times I just want to talk about things that interest me. You won't necessarily like everything I write – in fact, some of it might outright piss you off. This is my blog though, so if you see a post that pisses you off, then feel free to skip it and read another post that might not piss you off so much.

Topics that I'll cover from time to time on this blog:
  • Video games
  • Technology
  • The occasional political or societal rant
  • Good things that happen to me
  • Bad things that happen to me
  • Funny stuff that I encounter in the world

I probably won't post every day, unless I have something interesting to say, or need to rant and get something off my chest. Still, if you like what I do have to say, then I'd appreciate comments and spreading word of my blog to others that you feel might also be interested.

Thus, here goes my first step into the world of blogging. Seems like it'll get easier to find things to write from here, LOL.

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